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Gauldry in Bloom

Congratulations on Receiving Gold Award from Beautiful Fife 2018

Gauldry in Bloom aims to enhance the environs of Gauldry with colourful floral displays of cultivated and wild species, encouraging as many residents as possible, of all ages, to take an interest and lend a hand.

On Wednesday 5th September, Barbara and I went to the Beautiful Fife Award ceremony at the Rothes Hall in Glenrothes and we were delighted to finally be awarded a `GOLD AWARD'.

Everyone put in a massive amount of work this year and although we had some amazing weather in early summer, it also meant that we had to carry hundreds of gallons of water to keep everything alive, but it paid off in the end!

Thank you to everyone who has helped in any way this year to achieve Gold!

Susan Barrett

Gauldry in Bloom 2018 Award

Gauldry in Bloom 2018

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